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Welcome to the Mavin Consulting Group Inc.

Mavin Consulting Group Inc. is one the world’s leading and most innovative business finance companies that provide project management and consultation services for businesses also assist to arrange finances from financial institutions for businesses and projects worldwide. Founded on the streets of Wall Street in New York City while having major hubs in Dhaka, Newport Beach, Dubai, Oman, Melbourne and African Subcontinent our company is dedicated to offering our consultation and financial services no matter where your ventures are located. Through our major networks that include future innovators, major investors, government officials, and entrepreneurs in fields such as Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Energy, Healthcare, Social & Economic policy legislation and even real estate to name a few, our company provides the connections and the expertise to move your business projects and aspiration towards completion and until fulfillment.

Building Sustainable Future for Tomorrow

Building Sustainable Future for Tomorrow

Covid-19 Business Recovery Strategy from MCG

The impact of COVID-19 on communities all over the world is significant. Consistent with out firm’s purpose of advancing sustainable economic growth and financial opportunity, MCG Inc. is committed to supporting our communities. Right knowledge sharing and advocacy are the true strength of Mavin Consulting Group Inc. As the new advanced and efficient technologies are booming rapidly worldwide and digital economy is embracing by the human civilization, we will share information with you how we continue to operate safely and effectively and assisting all of our patrons.

Practice Areas

Supply Chain Consultancy

Supply Chains in any business is the key driver that helps grow and sustain any business’s operations and ventures successfully. Our company’s goal not onlyis to help reduce costs and improve Read More

Social Care Consultancy

With large demographic changes taking place our consultants at MCG inc. have been carrying out strategic reviews for clients delivering social care within the local community. Their full understanding Read More


At MCG Inc. we are dedicated to providing energy solutions that will serve populations around the world bringing power to historically energy deficient areas in the world. We help our clients  Read More

Transport Management

Our logistics experts have reviewed and reconfigured passenger transport for a number of local authorities, primarily for the transportation of vulnerable adults and children. Their  Read More


Here at MCG Inc. we have an intensive knowledge in healthcare economy along with a vast expertise in medicine, pharmaceuticals, and public health to help our clients find the right financial Read More

Data + Analytics Services

MCG Inc offers our leading expertise with our professional experts in data analysis that will eliminate any disconnect that our clients have with their business assets and their business services. Our Read More


Our only main objective at MCG Inc. is to improve your business performance and provide services to meet any of your operational goals. Our leading edge solutions and our incorporation of the world’s new and emerging technologies are part of the commitment we have to your business goals while also serving to foster new relationships for your business that will provide you not only with the tools to achieve your goals now, but also opportunities for the future. Read More

The Process
We begin the process by:

  • Understanding the issues and what needs to be undertaken.
  • Rolling up our sleeves to assist you and your team to achieve lasting change by meeting or exceeding the strategic aims and objectives.
  • Providing you with a clear and concise document which sets out how we plan to assist you
  • Leaving you and your team sufficiently skilled to continue the implemented improvements.


Supply Chain Consultancy 87%
Energy and Environment 75%
Data + Analytics Services 71%
Social Care Consultancy 63%


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