Mavin believes in Sustainable Energy: Developing 4 GW renewable energy in South East Asia with fish cultivation opportunity

A pathway towards renewable energy for the mission of sustainable earth

To execute Sustainable Development Goals and Paris agreement; minimizing the global carbon emissions for better earth by 2050; the world needs more to concentrate on green energy initiative. .

Mavin Consulting Group Inc. is committed for better sustainable infrastructure finance and believe in transferring nature-based solution using technologies to the emerging countries. Mavin provides liquidity issues for various governments in South & Central America as well as South East Asia as that includes various financial institutions, large & medium scale investment and retail banking organizations. Providing the solutions for private equity funds globally, subsequently increase the viability of the projects that better for sustainable infrastructure e.g. renewable energy, smart ICT, low carbon emission projects in vulnerable countries like Bangladesh. Recently, MCG is in a process of funding over USD 4 Billion solar plant in South East Asia and also South America consisting of 4 GW power generation as well as 250 MW wind power solution. Wind projects may cost USD 250 million that also comprises with a fish hatchery for exporting globally USD 25 million as well as to create jobs in large scale in emerging countries like Bangladesh.