How We’re Different ?


Those who know something about how energy is created will know that fission and fusion are opposites. While both processes involve reactions between atoms to create energy, the first does so by splitting them apart, while the second involves fusing them together to make bigger atoms. Because fission takes less energy, and is thus easier to produce, fission reactors were developed first, while fusion energy remains elusive. This is not to say that fusion does not exist: it is the energy sources that powers the sun, and has also been demonstrated in laboratories on earth. And though it may represent the harder path, the tremendous potential benefits justify the ongoing efforts to address this challenge: compared with fission, fusion is 3-4 times more efficient at producing energy, has no potential to cause runaway chain reactions and meltdowns, nor does it produce waste that requires ongoing costs for cleanup and storage.

So, what in the world does this have to do with consulting services? Well, when it comes to MCG Inc., everything really. The firm was founded by innovators – people who are not satisfied when they see things that are not working as they should. And, based on their significant experience in this industry, they saw a sector that was rife with disconnected teams, failing projects, an overall failure to deliver the expected business outcomes, and a legacy of ongoing negative impacts and costs, long after projects were supposed to be complete.

There was added irony in the fact that MCG Inc. focuses on delivering data-driven business outcomes, which are fundamentally about combining information from disconnected data sources across multiple business units to produce greater business synergies. Ultimately, what MCG Inc. observed was that, despite the large amount of energy and investment being expended by well-intentioned people, the engagement of external teams to fill gaps in knowledge, skills and capacity for these projects represented a process of dividing people and processes, and therefore were being built on an unsuccessful premise.

Simply put, at MCG Inc. we know that every project success or failure is a product of the type of partnership that exists. So, we deliberately set out to build a model that strengthens the bonds between people, processes and technology, and tracks the progress of mutually dependent components. Our proud and unique result: MCG Inc. 360FusionTM, an approach that delivers the expected business outcomes through a deliberate and predictable process of collaboration and mutual success.

From the outset, MCG Inc. has been designed to address the recognized gaps in consulting services, so that clients have a single line of accountability. By applying our innovative 360FusionTM model to deliver successful client engagement, and our unique Trusted Referral Network (TRNTM) to engage a wide range of technical and business experts, MCC Inc. ensures that all of the different pieces that make up successful projects in our focus areas of Data, Analytics, and Marketing Services, come together through one firm.