MCG is Transforming the health Sector with the help of AI

Our teams of Health consultants and Social Care consultants have all had many years’ experience at senior management level within the health care economy before utilizing their skill and breadth of experience as consultants.

The Healthcare industry in the GCC has been lacking the necessary facilities, skills and technology over the last couple of decades to compete with the healthcare sectors in the more developed countries of the world. This has been changing with the increased investments into the healthcare sector by the GCC countries. The GCC Healthcare industry is forecasted to grow at an exponential rate over the next few years and total healthcare spending to reach $60 billion annually by 2025.

America Home Nursing

America Home Nursing is a licensed professional home nursing and caring company, which prides itself on providing a superior quality of nursing and caring services.

Registered with the USA and UK Health Authority and part of the USA Investment Corporation Company group of companies Emirates Home Nursing has been established to offer professional nursing and caring services in the patient/client’s private home environment.